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Das Gartenhaus aus Holz – moderner Weltmeister der Vielseitigkeit

Gartenhaus aus Holz


We claim that there is no more versatile building than the garden shed and will prove it and explore the reasons why. The types of use of the garden houses are as unlimited as the individual lifestyles, hobbies or preferences of their owners and don’t worry: we will not list all types of use, because even if they were grouped into categories, the list would be far too long for a blog post. However, we will not skimp on examples either, because if you do not yet have your own garden house, such examples can perhaps inspire you not only to buy a garden house, but to illustrate how garden houses open up ways and possibilities to further develop and enrich your life. We will also look at the reasons why garden houses are trending the way we are currently experiencing.

Mixed use is the most common type of use for garden houses

If you already have a garden shed , you will know: even log cabins that have been purchased specifically for a specific purpose, such as a sauna, a poolside changing room or a garden study, end up being used for all sorts of other things. Such a house in the garden is too practical; it’s as if a garden practically calls for a summer house to make it fully functional. Things that belong in the garden, such as the lawn mower or garden tools, garden furniture or toys find their home there, like objects that would take up space in the house. A garden house, no matter what function it was originally assigned, serves temporarily as a refuge, as a place where you can be alone, perhaps with a book or diary, where you can get away from everyday life in the main house.

What is a garden shed anyway?

The garden house has a good name that describes what it really is, namely a house in the garden. The name is also old: Those who could afford it built small houses in the garden as early as the Middle Ages. At that time, they were often kept in the style of the main house or, as garden pavilions, were light and light in architecture. Themes such as “Far Eastern”, “Indian”, in the form of towers, buildings from fairy tales or Greek sagas were copied or presented, and they often had names, such as Goethe’s famous garden house , the Willemer house, which was designed as a summer house, in which he is said to have written his work “West-Eastern Divan”.

Nowadays, garden houses are usually no longer built in stone in the style of the main house, but people prefer the quick and inexpensive version and take the opportunity to own a building made of the trendy natural material wood.

The wooden garden house is a modern building

Garden houses made of wood have been used for hundreds of years. In the past, they were often self-assembled, and depending on the care, skill, and ambition of the builder, the results have tended to be mixed. Some were pretty to look at, blended in well with the garden and gave the garden a special feel. Others tended to be fast and built with the intention of serving a specific purpose, and you could tell by looking at them. Although self-construction still exists and often leads to end products that are valuable in terms of garden architecture, professionally manufactured products predominate in German gardens today.Regardless of the architectural style of these garden houses, which are manufactured in various designs from modern to country house to playful, such as the garden pavilion, wood as a natural material is very trendy and the wooden garden house is more modern today than ever.

The wooden garden house is green

By that we mean less the color than the politics. Politics is green almost everywhere these days. Man is beginning to see how his “modern” lifestyle is devastating the planet on a scale unprecedented in history. Wildlife species are becoming extinct as old-growth forests are cleared for the fodder that people use to feed their overly large herds of livestock, energy and resources are wasted creating mountains of waste in the “planned obsolescence” that the industry uses to support its revenues , developing countries are exploited with no regard for the environment or people, and so on. Almost everyone has now woken up to the thought that we cannot go on like this, that we have to change our way of life and that this cannot only be a task for the politicians,

Garden house made of wood

The customer is king

With all product types there is this rethinking: if the customer ultimately finances the manufacturer’s practices with his money when purchasing, then a rethinking on the part of the customer can also change the manufacturer’s practices. This is one reason why wooden garden houses are trending and even houses are being made more and more out of wood. The environmentally conscious customer has discovered his power and he is being supported in this by green politics. The first results are already visible in many areas, and the fact that wooden summer houses, habitable summer houses , log and log houses, holiday homes and even high-rise buildings or trade fair buildings are being built from wood is a sign of the success of this policy.

Why is wood environmentally friendly?

Wood is classified as a “renewable raw material” and is therefore environmentally friendly, because sustainable management of the forests is possible, which means that this resource does not disappear like many others. Of course, this also means that not every wood is automatically environmentally friendly. Wood that comes from clear-cutting or from areas where forests are permanently cleared are not considered environmentally friendly. The use of local wood species is also important. Tropical wood, on the other hand, or the use of wood from North America is not welcomed in Europe because the transport routes are too long and the transport consumes too much energy and produces diesel exhaust gases. We use our local species of wood, Nordic spruce,which is at home here in northern Europe and which, coincidentally, is extremely well suited for outdoor facilities made of wood such as garden houses, log cabins or garden saunas. Of course, our wood also comes from a supplier who practices sustainable cultivation.

Uses for garden houses are changing

The types of use of modern garden houses have become more diverse compared to the past, and many manufacturers have adapted to the extended use by offering models with certain functions and thus promoted them at the same time. Examples of such adjustments include:

  • The garden sauna or the sauna house is a garden house which is optimized for use as a sauna and is already partially furnished as a sauna.
  • In principle, the garden office or study for private use can be set up in many garden houses. It is of course possible to equip such a garden office with running water, a kitchenette, a wet room with a shower and toilet, a relaxation room or similar. Corresponding room layouts of medium-sized to large garden houses are offered.
  • The holiday home, guest house or weekend house is designed for temporary living. It often has rooms that can be used as bedrooms or sleeping lofts. Usually there is also space to set up a wet room and a kitchenette. Extras such as an indoor sauna or an open fireplace are not excluded.
  • The leisure, sports or party room: Whether a private fitness center, party room with bar and dance floor, garden lounge with comfortable seating and all kinds of electronic entertainment: modern garden houses offer the space and floor plans that are necessary for such leisure oases in the garden. A covered terrace for sunbathing or an al fresco dinner is a welcome addition.
  • Traditional use as a logistical center for gardening : A garden shed can of course continue to be used in the traditional way, for example as a place to store garden tools, the lawn mower, bicycles and perhaps a workbench with a tool wall or a mobile drawer element with small tools, nails or screws include. Tool sheds are often designed in such a way that the windows are high up, since views into such a workshop/garden room combination are not necessarily desirable, depending on the location. Wooden garages are also good if you are planning a larger workshop.
  • A garden house as a storage room , whether for things that take up unnecessary space in the house but are still too good to throw away, also needs high windows or no windows at all. A terrace is also unnecessary, although a terrace in the garden is an attraction in itself that can fundamentally change the whole garden life.
  • If you like being active in the garden, but plan to use your garden shed with another function, such as a study, then we also offer garden sheds with sheds that do one of the above functions as well as storing garden tools and materials under one roof to allow.
  • For all types of use that are to take place all year round and require longer stays in the garden house, we offer an optional insulation kit for ceilings and floors so that you can heat the garden house effectively and economically.

As already mentioned, regardless of the main purpose for which the garden house is purchased, in practice there are usually mixed uses.

The garden house in the commercial or public sector

It is not possible to clearly delimit where the private sector ends when using a garden house and where the commercial sector begins. The separation between work and private life is becoming increasingly blurred anyway, the more experience and independence one gains. The study in the countryside, the practice, for example for healing professions, the classroom for apprenticeships, maybe for tutoring, the seminar room, the workshop, the office with a meeting room or exhibition room, the office with storage, which you might need for an online shop, the studio, which makes the artistic work so much more productive and inspired… These are all just a few examples of how a garden house can contribute to the development of self-employment or partial self-employment.

Aber auch große, etablierte Institutionen greifen gerne auf Gartenhäuser zurück, wenn sie schnell Platz benötigen, etwa beim Aufbau neuer Bereiche, zur schnellen Bereitstellung von Büroraum, Unterkünfte für Arbeiter, Schulen errichten schnell neue Klassenräume, große Firmen errichten Pavillons für Ausstellungen oder als zentrale Büro- oder Organisationseinheiten. Gartenhäuser können als Umkleidekabinen bei großen Sportveranstaltungen schnell aufgebaut und nach der Veranstaltung genau so schnell wieder abgebaut werden und kleinere Sportvereine nutzen ein Gartenhaus als Vereinsheim.

Das moderne Gartenhaus – schnelle Hilfe bei Platzproblemen

From what we have mentioned so far in terms of uses, it is already clear: Whoever needs fast, secure, lockable, dry, comfortable and heatable space, which should also look presentable from the inside and outside and which is environmentally up to date , for which there is a solution with a garden house made of wood. How is it by you? Do you have plans for which you might need such a space? Could possibilities open up, paths you would like to take, with a space that you could freely choose to use for something completely new? Do you have space in the garden for such a summerhouse? Or is there another site where you could set up a suitable garden shed for this purpose?

We invite you to be inspired by scrolling through our portfolio of garden sheds and if required, please feel free to contact us using the contact options below.


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