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Gartenhäuser mit Satteldach – Klassisch, schön und zweckmäßig

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Garden sheds are available in all shapes, designs, styles and of course sizes. In the modern manufacturers usually dominate two roof shapes, namely flat roofs and pitched roofs. Other quite attractive roof shapes such as hipped roofs, barrel roofs or pyramid roofs are also possible but less common. Here, the simplicity of construction and the cost of materials play important roles.

Especially with garden houses , which are delivered as kits, customers should not be tortured with complicated roof shapes that would only increase the probability of error and some customers with less experience in Hobbyholzbau might even be too much. The following article is about garden houses with pitched roof.

The advantages of a saddle roof for garden sheds

A garden shed with gable roof has something that garden sheds with flat roofs do not have and that is a gable. Therefore saddle roofs are also called gabled roofs. The roof ridge, the highest point of the saddle roof, is often located in the middle of the roof, so that the water runs down evenly on both sides. The resulting triangle is filled over the two gable sides with triangular wall parts, the so-called gables.

Ein Vorteil des Satteldaches besteht in der verminderten Dachlast bei Schnee. Über die kürzeren Schrägen auf beiden Seiten des Dachfirstes wird der Schnee schneller herunterrutschen als über die gesamte Länge eines Flachdaches, die ja im Übrigen auch meist nicht wirklich flach sind, sondern eigentlich Schrägdächer, die nur wegen der horizontalen Verblendungen flach erscheinen.

Nicht nur Gartenhäuser sondern auch Wohnhäuser in den Alpen oder generell in Gebieten mit hohem Schneeaufkommen während des Winters haben die Schrägen der Satteldächer auch oft sehr steil, damit die Schneelasten nicht zu hoch werden.

Gartenhäuser mit Satteldächern können einen extra Lagerraum unter dem Dach bereitstellen.  

Garden houses made of wood are particularly easy to expand in their own work and so is a garden shed with a pitched roof also particularly easy to be able to accommodate in the attic under the pitched roof a storage for items that you do not need so often. There is the right, dry place for wood supplies or other, lighter and bulky items.

Visually, garden sheds with pitched roofs are more in the pleasing, traditional area. The additional cost of materials is worthwhile for the beautiful appearance and the additional storage space under the roof.

Decide today for your favorite and take a closer look at our summerhouses with pitched roof .


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